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About RuiKang

       Ruikang company£¨www.dgrkwj.com) was founded in July 2010 , Factory is located in No.1 Xingda road Tiankeng village Hengli town Dongguan city Guangdong province, It covers an area of more than 30000 square meters,there are 300 employees and Technical engineer team more than 50 people.¡±RuiKang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd , RuiKang Hardware Co.,Ltd , Rising Mechanical& Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd ¡±are our wholly owned subsidiary, With advanced production equipment, testing equipment and perfect management system, And passed ISO/TS16949:2009 system certification in 2011.

  Guangdong RuiKang  New Energy Technology Co., Ltd develop and produce power battery cover plate,Model are 46173, 26148, 20130205, 2770135.With excellent technical team of mould making and product development,Mature production technology,excellent production and testing equipment(Komatsu punching machine, Taiwan single and double color injection molding,Korean friction welding machine,precision laser welding machine,German helium tester,Automatic image measuring instrument,Metallographic analyzer etc), And developed the explosion-proof valve test bench,automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine,Automatic air tightness testing equipment,Automatic lamination machine,wipe machine,Plate machine,OCV testboard etc advanced of non-standard production equipment,Can realize automated production line closed operation,Production line layout can produce different types of top cover plate at the same time,Daily output can reach 100000 power battery cover plate,Company has a number of technology patents, lead the domestic level in the same industry.   

Dongguan Ruikang hardware Co.,Ltd.Focus on precision metal products design and manufacturing. Main Products£º 1.Consumer Electronics 2.Automobiles Precision 3.Optical Communication 4.Medical Devices 5.Model Airplane The company have a group of equipments and precision testing instruments, Mainly Equipments are CNC precision automatic lathe,and can provide processing and one-stop of products of the production process, surface treatment of various forms, grinding, polishing, plating, sand blasting, brushing, spraying, oxidation coloring, etc.according to different technical requirements of customers for special products.
Dongguan Rising Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd, Factory is located in Mumian yi heng west road mumian industrial area Qishi town Dongguan city,  It covers an area of more than 15800 square meters(7 km distance from head office),Mainly engaged in new energy vehicle power battery housing mould manufacturing,Housing Production and sales,The company has independent development the first generation of continuous power case production line,The second generation power case automatic production line,The third generation of high-performance production line (agoing), with the Taiwan Maixin company developed single and double head copper aluminum friction welding machine,the company has jinfeng 600T stamping machine,Many sets of automatic production line,Daily output can reach 100000 power battery, Mold processing equipment have the Japanese SODICK wire cutting machine, low-speed wire cutting ,CNC machine, Precision deep hole drill, WASINO jig grinding machine,High precision surface grinding machine,punch grinder,perforator,EDM Wire-Cutting Machine, miller,turning-lathe,radial drill etc,High frequency ultrasonic automatic cleaning machine, automatic drying machine and other post-processing equipment.       

The company keeps on independent innovation,such as synchronous development with the customers,The companies maintain careful service,accurate development,perfect technique and quality,Firmly establish a sense of perfect quality,making it better,excelsior spirit of originality,from product structure and performance has our own advantage, With our excellent precision mold design, the manufacture of high precision  and high quality control won the consistent high praise of the industry,and become the industry leader.



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